“Mass incarceration is made or broken by a bunch of assistant DAs and their supervisors and the decisions they make between 10 am and noon.”

— Emily Bazelon, author, Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration

A statement from Progressive Justice NOW Co-Chairs, 

Greg Casar and Martha Cotera:


We live in a progressive community, yet the harsh truth is that Travis County is more reflective of the problem of over-incarceration of people of color than reflective of the solution.


We need bold leaders who are not afraid to take on systemic challenges to ensure justice is truly blind and works for all. Instead of spending countless dollars incarcerating people for small offenses, we can dedicate resources to providing housing, mental health services, and jobs to those who need them. We can focus limited dollars on stopping serious crimes like sexual assault.


Delia Garza is the leader who gets it and there is a growing groundswell of support to draft her for the critical office of Travis County Attorney.


Delia Garza sponsored the effort to end the practice of incarcerating people at Austin's municipal court simply because they couldn't afford a misdemeanor fine. She worked to replace sitting municipal court judges with more progressive judges for the first time in recent memory. She helped lead the lawsuit against Gov. Abbott's racist and anti-public safety Senate Bill 4. And all the while she has focused on public safety and basic services for every neighborhood - providing needed fire stations, health clinics, parks and libraries in long neglected areas.


Progressive Justice NOW was formed because this change happens at the local prosecutorial level and the next Travis County Attorney should have a proven track record of fighting against the status quo and against mass incarceration. Delia is that leader.


Progressive Justice NOW is an independent organization that is not coordinating its activities with the potential candidate.




Progressive Justice  NOW 

A grassroots movement to make justice smart and equitable in Travis County.

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