Fight to End Money-Based Bail


Delia has successfully won major changes at the City of Austin to make sure our justice system is about safety and fairness: not about the size of your bank account. We hope she'll run for County Attorney to bring these values to a larger criminal justice platform. Something as important as a person's freedom — and the community's safety — shouldn't be based on income, it should be based on real public safety risk.


Holding Statewide Leaders Accountable


As a Council Member, Delia has led on lawsuits against Gov. Abbott and Ken Paxton when they've discriminated against and targeted immigrant families, or favored corporate interests over everyday Travis County residents. As County Attorney, Delia could proactively pursue litigation to protect against unconstitutional and unlawful actions against our community.


Real Safety: Stop Prosecuting Poverty, Start Finding Solutions


As a firefighter, Delia ran into burning buildings to protect the people of Travis County. She cares about our safety. On the City Council, she's consistently recognized that the number of people in jail for minor misdemeanors — usually folks who haven't even been convicted — is a safety risk. When people lose their jobs because of needless time in jail, we put them and their family's financial security in jeopardy. Sometimes, people even get deported because they’re unnecessarily jailed for a minor offense. In her career, Delia has worked to reduce needless arrests in Austin, while focusing public safety resources on truly pressing public safety needs, such as sexual assault cases. She’s recognized that prosecuting poverty doesn’t solve the underlying problem of poverty, which is why she has led the City of Austin to dedicate unprecedented attention and resources to health and human services. As County Attorney, we know she will do the same. 

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